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Fanfiction - Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Doppelganger - Part 8 - Kira Nerys/Gul Macet

Fandom: Star Trek - Deep Space Nine

Title: Doppelganger

Chapter title: Putting all your eggs in one basket

Timeline: 2376 Now taking part during the events depicted in the Relaunch novel "Cathedral."

Spoilers: Could be anything in the series plus events in the re-launch novels

Pairings: Series Canon, Re-launch Canon, Eventual Kira/Macet

Chapter Warnings: Not Beta'd, I read through, edit and fiddle over and over, but I expect somethings will slip through.

Chapter Word Count: 6k +

Whole Fic Warnings: Corpses, potential violence and mild to moderate sexiness, therfore:

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters or their setting, this is for entertainment only and no money will be made by me.

Notes: Big events take place in the novel that I can't ignore, I've written them from a different characters perspective to the novel. Kira and Macet's romantic interest in each other and the whole Force Field Bubble thing is all me. Big thanks to all who have commented/reviewed/KUDO'd. I wasn't expecting an audience for this pairing, but it's great to have people reading along. I am in especially busy period in real life but will do my best to keep up the pace.

Part 8 - Putting all your eggs in one basket

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