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Fanfiction - Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Doppelganger - Part 4 - Kira Nerys/Gul Macet

Fandom: Star trek - Deep Space Nine

Title: Doppelganger

Chapter title: Tears before bedtime

Timeline: 2376 during the events depicted in the Re-launch Mission Gamma novels beginning with "This Gray Spirit" I've wedged some extra days between Kira's conversation with Asarem and her conversation with Shakaar and generally fiddled with the sequence of events (this was supposed to be a "they have dinner and then jump into bed" fic, but the characters wouldn't cooperate so I had to muck around with the timeline). I've got my copy of "This Grey Spirit" to hand but will have doubtless forgotten something or otherwise cocked up.

Spoilers: Could be anything in the series plus events in the re-launch novels

Pairings: Series Canon, Re-launch Canon, Eventual Kira/Macet

Chapter Warnings: Not Beta'd

Whole Fic Warnings: Potential moderate bad language, violence and sexual content, therefore:

Rating: M (Might finish up as a T)

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters or their setting, this is for entertainment only and no money will be made by me.

Notes: Big thanks to all who have commented/reviewed/KUDO'd but especially to Prizm and ulianitheska1, I wasn't expecting an audience for this pairing, but it's nice to have someone reading along. I had more spare time than usual this week, so got this written quite quickly.


Tears Before Bedtime Link Here -> http://5exclamations.livejournal.com/1891.html

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