5exclamations (5exclamations) wrote in cardassian_lust,

Fanfiction - Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Doppelganger - Part 5 - Kira Nerys/Gul Macet

Fandom: Star trek - Deep Space Nine

Title: Doppelganger

Chapter title: Can't see the wood for the trees.

Timeline: 2376 we've just left the Relaunch Novel "This Grey Spirit" and are entering "Cathedral." I've added bits on to scenes or adjusted here and there.

Spoilers: Could be anything in the series plus events in the re-launch novels

Pairings: Series Canon, Re-launch Canon, Eventual Kira/Macet

Chapter Warnings: Not Beta'd, I read through, edit and fiddle over and over, but I expect somethings will slip through.

Whole Fic Warnings: Potential moderate bad language, violence and sexual content, therefore:

Rating: M (may end up as a T in the end)

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters or their setting, this is for entertainment only and no money will be made by me.

Notes: Big thanks to all who have commented/reviewed/KUDO'd. I wasn't expecting an audience for this pairing, but it's great to have people reading along.

Can't see the wood from the trees here -> http://5exclamations.livejournal.com/2169.html

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